• Time Restart allows you restart the browser with a timer or a button, helping you to free memory and prevent crashes.

    Also you have a little version that allow to restart the browser just with a button, it is called "Restart Browser".


  • Time Restart            
    Restart Browser     

5 Reasons to Use Time Restart

  • 1) Allows you to restart your browser with a timer or a button.

  • 2) You can customize the time to restart,the color of clock,the method for restart and many more.

  • 3) You can add a small clock in the pages you visit and can change the position.

  • 4) With Time Restart you can prevent browser collapse because leave it open.

  • 5) Is very useful for game players,for bitcoin miners,for someone need to restart the browser every some time, etc.

Auxiliary application

  • If you want to use the "Method 5" of "Time Restart" or "Restart Browser" you need to install the auxiliary application.

    It is for windows systems. You can see a video of it working after this section.

    This is actually the only way to true restart the browser with a extension.

    You can buy it with Paypal or any card in the follow link, only cost 3 $.

    Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy the experience.

    If you have any question,bug report or need assistance you can contact me and i will be glad on help you.

  • Application "Time Restart" for Windows

    Total price (VAT included): 3 $


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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Time Restart?

    Time Restart is a extension for the browser that let you set a time for restart your browser. It has a nice popup and good options for config. In the popup if you pick in the image of clock in pages you can change its position. Also you can enable or disable the time or the clock in pages.

  • How can I work with Time Restart add-on?

    It is very simple, if time is on then you will see a countdown, when the countdown finish the browser will restart.You can change the time you want.Also you can add a clock to the pages to know better when the browser is go to restart. You have 4 methods different for the restart of the browser, look in the configuration for more info

  • I only need a button for restart the browser, is this possible?

    Yes,you have another little version for Chrome and Firefox that only add a button for restart.This extensions also have 5 methods for restart, look instructions in config.

  • Is there any options or settings available for this add-on?

    Yes, you can enable or disable the countdown and the clock in pages,you can change the color of letters in clock or in the warning before restart.You can change the method of restart.

  • What is the best method?

    I think all methods are good,this depends of the need of every one, but the best perhaps be the method 5,is the only one that really restart the browser like you close and open again.

  • For method 5 i need an external application, right?

    Yes you need to have installed Time Restart for windows and must be open.It is a small auxiliary aplication that allow the extension trully restart the browser. You can buy it in this page.

  • Can i have working Time Restart windows, Time Restart addon and Restart Browser same time?

    Ofcourse, Time Restart Windows works with all of this extensions and you can have open all same time, :).

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